Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ebay Leads Sales

Making money on eBay can be simplified if you follow a well troden logical sales cycle.

The sales cycle, has three major steps has known about by sales people for an eternity. Find your potential market, generate leads from this market and then convert your leads to buyers. Prospects >> Leads >> Customers. We're going to see how this can be applied to eBay

  • Prospects: Eveybody registered on ebay.
  • Leads: A prospect that looks at your listing.
  • Customer: A lead that buys from you.
Every single individual on ebay is a prospect and therefore a potential lead. This is often the hardest part in any business, identifying your potential market. With ebay you don't have to do extensive research to find your market. It's right there on your screen.

So how do you go about converting prospects into leads. You can only convert a prospect in to a lead by attracting them to your listing. You need to make your listing tempting and attractive. The only tools you have available are your listing image, your listing description, and starting price.

You are going to need a good image, and a well written description using as much of the text box as you can. Use as many keywords as you can cram in, without making the description sound odd. Always include an imafe and make it stand out. Think about it how many times have you bypassed a listing simply because it doesn't have an image.

So let's say your propect clicks on your listing. They then become a qualified lead. Qualified, because they have clicked on your listing after reading the description which means they have expressed an interest in what you are selling. They have clicked knowing what it is you have for sale.

Your job now is to convert them into a buyer.

You can only convert them from a lead into a buyer by using your description and images do the selling for you. Unless they happen to use the Ask the seller a question.

Describe your item as best you can. The quality of the description can make or break a sale. Guide your lead through your item. Demonstrate it for them in words and images. Good quality clear images are important, they make your item real.

Presentation is King.

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