Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Don't leave eBay buyers hanging around

On a traditional e-commerce site a lead time of 28 days is common. Many businesses starting to trade on ebay don't fully appreciate the level of interaction that is required if they are to succeed in this market.

Traditionally a buyer would place an order on your website, receive confirmation of a delivery date, and wait up to 28 days for delivery. During this time there would be little, or no communication between buyer and seller.

Ebay buyers are more demanding, they expect more communication and faster delivery times. Businesses trading on eBay must adapt to meet the needs of this market.

The new management on Ebay are determined to create a business seller market place. With more emphasis on regular business sellers and less on the casual seller. Sellers can now be rated on such things as dispatch time, cost of postage, communication etc. These are benchmarks that any business on ebay must strive to score highly in or fail. Your ratings are how potential buyers will judge you.

These ratings are additional to the positive, neutral, and negative feedback that your buyers can leave.
  • When you receive an order acknowledge it straight away.
  • If possible send your item on the same day of purchase. If not, then the very next day at the latest.
  • Only use first class postage or next day delivery courier.
  • Buyers really appreciate fast delivery and good communication.
Once you have posted the item click the box that sends the buyer an email saying that you've sent it. These tools are freely available in eBay. Use them to communicate with your buyers and build good, positive feedback for your business.

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