Tuesday, 7 September 2010

UK Wholesalers

Most of my sites are based on giving information and content.
However on some I have a mix of content and physical goods that I source from wholesalers in the UK. Buying wholesale affords you better prices that you can then pass on to your customers and maintain a competitive edge.

There are plenty of cheap clearance wholesalers who are always happy to deal with ebayers and new comers. Just beware that some of the larger wholesalers may want to see some trading history before they open their doors to you, and give you access to their price lists.

I have used on-line wholesalers in the past that deliver the items right to my door. This saved me a journey to the wholesaler and having to personally pick the items myself. It's just a matter of preference, if you live close to a wholesaler and want to touch and feel the items you're buying then that's good.

If you haven't decided what to sell yet here's a list of popular wholesale categories that sell well online. Keep in mind that whatever items you sell online have to be sent to your customer. Make sure you have an infrastructure in place to be able to meet demand.

  • Clothing wholesalers
  • Electrical wholesalers
  • Sports wholesalers
  • Jewellery wholesalers
  • Clearance wholesalers
  • Candle wholesalers
If you're confident enough to buy from overseas, there are always amazing bargains to be had from Chinese wholesalers, else you can stick to UK Wholesalers.

Another option is dropshipping. Dropshippers may be trade suppliers, distributors, manufacturers or importers. With dropshipping you don't to buy any stock up front, so there is no investment on your part. All you have to do is advertise your items for sale. When you receive an order, you place your order with your dropshipper who then sends it out directly to your customer. This is a very popular way of selling on eBay.

Ex catalogue, overstock, surplus, and clearance stock is another great way to get items for resale. The only problem that may occur with this is that you may not have regular stocks. Your wholesaler will sell whatever is available at the time and cannot guarantee continued supply of a particular item.

In the end, regardless of what items you choose to sell on your site, you must be able to buy cheap in order to make a profit. A good source for UK wholesalers is Wholesale Pages UK . Membership is free but there is a small fee for premium services.
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