Monday, 23 August 2010

Ebay listing template part 1

Here is an easy, but useful eBay listing template tutorial that can be used for any of your ebay listings.

You can preview the template here.

Creating an ebay template is not as hard as you may think. The ebay template we are going to create over this course will allow you to have a striking colourful main header, a flexible description area and up to 3 images for free. Every part of it is customisable from the font to the background colours to the images.

I will show you how to create tables for your ebay template, enter text, add images and customise it to suit you. I will also show you how to upload your template to ebay.

  • HTML authoring programme. I willll be using NVU which is a free open-source program you can download from
  • Free photo-hosting site such as or I prefer Picasa because it lets you link to the image by size thumbnail, small, medium, or full size.

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